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Individual Therapy

In individual / in-person therapy, you will sit with your therapist in a safe, supportive and confidential space. The goal is to develop a strong therapeutic alliance that builds trust, safety and support. Through this alliance, we will explore your presenting problem and any contributing underlying issues. It is a collaborative connection that fosters self-awareness, new perspectives, acceptance and change. Challenging destructive and dysfunctional patterns is crucial to the development of new and healthy functional strategies to bring about real positive change in your life. 

Fees: range from $180+HST – $210+HST

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Couples and Family Therapy

In couples and family therapy the relationship itself is the client. Often times, clients are hesitant to pursue couples therapy because they fear that their therapist will “take a side.” At mindset therapy, that is never the case. It is important to understand that each person is one half of a dynamic and together, the couple and therapist work to identify, explore and negotiate how to improve communication, empathy, relatedness and understanding. Together, we will use various techniques and tools to discover where any dysfunction lies, to address and repair emotional wounds and to cultivate a strong partnership. 

Fees: $195+HST – $225+HST


Virtual Therapy

To ensure accessible and flexible services, we offer virtual therapy. You may ask yourself, “Does virtual therapy really provide the same personal connection as in-person therapy?” We’ve had very positive feedback. Indeed, many people find virtual therapy preferable as it offers the ability to be in a familiar and comfortable environment. Whether in your office or your bed with a cup of tea and your favourite blanket, virtual therapy offers you the flexibility to choose. We do insist that virtual sessions be treated with the same degree of respect as in person sessions. You will get the most out of your session if you ensure that you won’t be distracted by other people, noises or tasks so that you can open yourself up to a deep and meaningful conversation. 

Fees: range from $180+HST – $210+HST

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